Friday, October 1, 2010

September 24, 2010

Dear our much loved, and highly anticipated child,

We are so very excited for your arrival – right now you are simply a gleam in mine and your father’s eye, and God is working on His plan for your life. When He is ready, and He knows that we are ready to love and nurture you – we will be blessed with you. Then we’ll have to excitedly wait nine months until you arrive.
I know that this letter is a little early, but, we have been waiting for your pre-arrival-arrival for almost two years now… we cannot wait to love you and plan our lives together. I am currently holding thumbs, and praying endlessly that you have made that pre-arrival-arrival right now…but, we thought you were ready once before already, and it was devastating to find out that in fact you were not. You’re still with God, waiting for the right time to grace us with your presence.
I just pray for patience and understanding, because I am finding myself becoming impatient – I love you so very much already and am so excited to meet you!!

Love, Your Mother

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