Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deep breaths

Okay, this is my first personal post - which is not a letter to our unborn child of the future....

I don't like to complain about other people, but as anyone who has been TTC for years knows - sometimes it's necessary; in order to hold onto a shred of sanity.

The couple I mentioned in my previous letter is now almost 2.5 months or 3 months along... and it's already very difficult to be around them.
It is super frustrating, because it makes me so sad, among other things... but mostly - I'm jealous! Which is not right, because I know God has a plan for us!

I am currently in CD27 ... I am so grateful for ovulation tests because we used them for the first time this month, and lo and behold - I ovulated a week late... so although I am "three-days-late" for AF... I know that in fact I am due for an AF a week later than I should have been. This will be the third time I am "late" for over a week... so I am super grateful for the tests, because otherwise I'd be dying to POAS!

I wonder why I have ovulated late... the first time was over 18 months ago... and the second time was 3 months ago... (Well, I don't know that I ovulated late those times, but I was 10/14 days late each time and then AF came along).

Anyways... I am not feeling too emotional at the moment. I'm hoping to avoid the AF-meltdown this month. As always - preparing for the worst, but hoping and praying for the best! :)

Baby dust to all those TTC out there! :)

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  1. Hey! I know this is an old post - but I had the same thing happen (late AF) and once I started charting I noticed that it was always in months where I was ill. Being sick delayed ovulation and therefore AF in every case that I was 'late'.