Monday, April 18, 2011

The Waiting Game

Today is CD43 ....

I took a test on CD39 and it was a BFN! So, I am resigned to the fact that AF is almost definitely going to rear her ugly face!! Of course - there is always that small chance that because I have a super fast metabolism, CD39 was too early for the test to be positive... (Yeah right - we all know that this is probably just another long, weird cycle).

Problem is - my last cycle was 40 days long... this has happened about 3 times in the last year or so... it has never happened on back-to-back cycles. So, I am a little concerned... 40+ day cycles are not normal, are they?

I did use OPK's this month - but was having a difficult time reading them, so I gave up - but I'm pretty sure I detected a surge almost 3 weeks ago... so wouldn't late ovulation be the reason for a long cycle? So, unless I was wrong about my surge... this long cycle is not really normal... is it?

It is that time of the year where I need to go to my ob-gyn anyways - so, as soon as AF arrives, I will make an appointment and ask her about these long cycles... because they've got me a little worried.

So - that is my update... I am in cycle-limbo.... patiently waiting for an answer....


  1. Hi girlie! I had 3 months no AF before! that was not good. Im normally 29-31 days, but every 3 months or so 36-37 days happen. u may wanna ask ur OBGYN. It's like, if we want for something, it doesn't happen, isn't it? Hanging in there!!

  2. I would definitely ask about these longer cycles. They may be 'normal' for others but if they are not 'normal' for you you should have things checked out.

    Hope you get the answers you are looking for!