Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And - round one goes to....

.... i don't know who, but definitely not me.


taking the clo.mid really got my hopes up... even the hot flushes were bearable because, let's face it - anything is bearable if it will get me pregnant at this point.

so, i spent the month tracking my temperature, examining my saliva, using OPK's (if you're a new follower - there is a list of TTC acronyms conveniently located on the right hand side of my blog for reference), and attempting to track CM.

i used OPK's from cycle day 6 all the way through cycle day 22/23... and some days I tested twice - for fear of missing ovulation... lo and behold - all negative...

i'm beginning to feel like the positive ovulation test has become as elusive as a positive pregnancy test.

it was the first time i tracked my temperature, so i had nothing to compare it to, but i did not detect a rise in temperature that lasted three or four days - which is generally the rule of thumb for detecting that ovulation has occurred. I also only detected slight ferning with my saliva scope, but nothing to indicate ovulation.

so - even with the 50mg of clo.mid, my body is not cooperating and not ovulating...


there is a mild "bright side" to this past cycle - AF arrived all on her own, without being medically induced with progesterone pills...AND, on cycle day 28!! (which has been my shortest cycle in months! before starting the clo.mid my cycles were 40+ days long)
okay, she did arrived in the middle of a wedding reception, however - it was a bittersweet "homecoming"...
i'm hoping that it is a good sign ... that my body is getting back on track...

so, last night i started round two of clo.mid... still on 50mg, but we're hoping that because AF arrived on her own, that this small act of compliance is a sign that my body is ready to cooperate!


  1. I never tried the saliva check myself. Nor could I gather the courage to "check" my cervix. Gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about doing that. *shudder* Yes, I'm that girl! Lol!

    Good luck this cycle! And glad to hear that good ol' Clo.mid is doing something for you. Granted, not what you ideally want, but it's a start! :)

  2. Oh! that is a good sign! crossing my fingers for you!

  3. Thank you so much ladies!! :)